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In lines , the Parson gives his reasoning for a straightforward prose. He will not tell a story mixed with chaff and wheat.

Rather, he chooses to tell a tale in nonfiction prose so all can understand with clarity. His object is not so much to tell an impressive story but to show forth what he deems important. Second, he speaks in a respectable medieval manner by calling upon authorities.

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Whereas the wife of Bath says she will not reference authorities, he does so unashamedly. As Augustine has been the most influential person in Church history, Augustine is the most quoted authority he uses. Moreover, he includes a lengthy discussion on mortal and venial sins. Always ready to befriend young women or rich men who might need his services, the friar actively administers the sacraments in his town, especially those of marriage and confession. This Summoner is a lecherous man whose face is scarred by leprosy. He gets drunk frequently, is irritable, and is not particularly qualified for his position.

Prologue canterbury tales essays

He spouts the few words of Latin he knows in an attempt to sound educated. He mediates among the pilgrims and facilitates the flow of the tales. The pastor of a sizable town, he preaches the Gospel and makes sure to practice what he preaches. He is everything that the Monk, the Friar, and the Pardoner are not.

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The Squire is curly-haired, youthfully handsome, and loves dancing and courting. Having spent his money on books and learning rather than on fine clothes, he is threadbare and wan. He speaks little, but when he does, his words are wise and full of moral virtue. Despite his lack of education, this Manciple is smarter than the thirty lawyers he feeds.

This particular franklin is a connoisseur of food and wine, so much so that his table remains laid and ready for food all day.

The Canterbury Tales

However, he steals from his master. A member of the peasant class, he pays his tithes to the Church and leads a good Christian life. English guilds were a combination of labor unions and social fraternities: craftsmen of similar occupations joined together to increase their bargaining power and live communally.

The Parson in The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue & Frame Story

All five Guildsmen are clad in the livery of their brotherhood. The narrator mentions that his dress and weapons suggest he may be a forester. His story of Chanticleer, however, is well crafted and suggests that he is a witty, self-effacing preacher.

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Brave, strong, and sworn to everlasting friendship with his cousin Arcite, Palamon falls in love with the fair maiden Emelye, which brings him into conflict with Arcite. Though he loses the tournament against Arcite, he gets Emelye in the end. Fair-haired and glowing, we first see Emelye as Palamon does, through a window. Nevertheless, when Arcite wins the tournament, she readily pledges herself to him. Egeus gives Theseus the advice that helps him convince Palamon and Emelye to end their mourning of Arcite and get married.