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Intellectual Vitality in the Day-to-Day Classroom

Intellectual fun. And you challenge back, thoughtfully. Yes, it engages matters of seriousness and gravity. It fuels you. And it scintillates others. Applying to Stanford? She would love to help you too.

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Attitude being part of intellectual vitality, per the website. No wonder Stanford wants it. Zest for ideas. Although only one explicitly mentions it, it seems to me that both of those questions ask whether you have " intellectual vitality.

Stanford Intellectual Vitality Essay: Tips for Success

The things they see get them thinking, even when there isn't any homework asking then to do so, even when those things that aren't necessarily recognized intellectual topics, and even when there aren't people to impress. Life simply stirs their minds into motion. Disclaimer: I make no claim to embody this romantic ideal.

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I am quite far from it. But I guess I exhibited some of these qualities enough for the Stanford admissions committee You've shown that you search for meaning in your everyday life. It's easy enough to pretend when it comes to big things because you're more likely to consciously mind the way you act, and there are well-known patterns to follow.

However, it's harder to pretend for the little things because you're more likely to forget to pay attention. I don't really have anything against it; I just truly don't think it would be helpful. I remember reading dozens of other people's essays in college prep books when I was a senior.

Just How Can Your Generate Everything Into an Essay?

I convinced myself that they were helping me, but at best they gave me an idea of the tone I should aspire to. Reading other people's stories couldn't help me find my own story to tell. I was most productive once I stopped worshipping those models.