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From the simple ABC and to keeping the surroundings always clean are learned from the Kindergarten teachers which are still applicable today. These knowledge, attitudes, values and behavior bring out good and responsible citizens. A teacher is not only about her lesson plans, her teaching methods, strategies and techniques. Inside and outside the campus, teachers served as the models to their students. A teacher is also about her missionary work which entails a great deal of sacrifice on her part and her family.

The teacher measures the achievements and aspirations of the nation. A teacher is considered to be one of the nation builders. The teacher is also a dynamic force that motivates everyone to become a responsible, productive citizen. The teacher is the backbone of the community. So, for me, my teacher is my hero. My teacher is a hero, indeed! She has no great influence and intense power to the society. But she is a hero in her very own ways that no other great and influential people could ever.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay The Myth Of The Hero Teacher would watch it again in a heartbeat, but the problem is we spend hours watching what screens are telling us instead of what is truly happening in our public schools. Words: - Pages: 7. Words: - Pages: 3. Essay Macbeth : A Tragic Hero Or A Kind Hearted Villain The question whether Macbeth is a tragic hero or a kind hearted villain is apparently a highly debated subject that for some reason has not been decided. Words: - Pages:. Essay Why I Am A Hero Buckle Down To Become a Hero Nowadays, education has become a serious issue among people because everything has to deal with education such as applying to a company or being a professor and so on.

Words: - Pages: 5. Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Thank you for all my teachers for being my hero in life, who saves us from any circumstances that we may step on. My Teacher, My Hero! Anonymous November 3, at AM. Unknown July 25, at AM. Anna January 31, at AM. Unknown September 3, at AM. Unknown October 16, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. But, are teachers really that great?

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The people who are always giving a lot of homeworks and projects, making our life hard? Teachers are great. They teach us in all ways they could. They guide us through different challenges. For even though, we, students are acting childishly, they forgive us. And especially, they love us like a true mother.

Once, when I was still young, I had a very kind and loving teacher. And for me, she was the reason why I am here in my spot today. She was the building block of my knowledge. After discovering this, she told it to my mom and I was able to see the world clearly.

She was also the one who always guides me through everything. She taught me how to read, write, count, and how to be strong in every circumstance I face. She taught me how to meet friends. I learned many lessons from her. She always taps my head whenever I learned something new. And in that small gesture, I know how much her affection is for me.

Pictures of two dark skinned men wielding a machete, a revolver and a cleaver and a Caucasian male lying prostate. A red sedan is also parked next to the three men. There is nothing unusual in having three men near a busy road in London, however, what could have transpired to bring about the circulation of the pictures of the three men? Dressed in a black hoodie, Jake not his real name was jogging back to the military barracks just outside London he is wiping goblets of sweat on his brow as he sighs to the accomplishment of completing his usual 5 mile morning run.

He seems lost in his own world maybe thinking of his young newly-wed wife who must mean much in his life especially at this stage of marriage. Suddenly a screech of car tires and a loud bang brings an end to this serene atmosphere.

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Jake has now been flung onto the sidewalk by a red sedan and is now writhing in pain after being hit on his back and flung probably three metres from where he was initially standing. The resilience of a soldier in him urges him to rise up and overcome his injuries. He is now crawling on his belly trying to sit up and lean on a wall bordering the sidewalk.

The car doors bang and two dark skinned men emerge. I love her and really admire her for many reasons. Perhaps, the thing makes me admire her the most that she was the first teacher of mine.

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She has been teaching me everything since I was young until now, and for the future. I remember that the first foreign language I studied from her is Russian. I could speak some simple words in Russian when i was just 5 years old such as "hello", "good bye". At that time, i made a poem about the ant and my mom, of course, was the first person listening to me. Now, she is still a best friend, I think, she is the greatest psychologist that i have known. Sometimes, Sometimes when I was down because of failures in my life, I always went to meet her for asking some advice.

As my expect, I always felt better after that. I also admire her for her personality which is a mix of honesty and strong faith in god, cause and effect. And she is also a predictor. She can get the future in her dreams. She ever told me that she had found out my father before seeing him. Besides, she was sure that I would be a boy before getting pregnant. Oh my god! I can not do the same thing.

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There is a woman who takes an important part in my life and chang my thought and action. I really love my mother. I think I am the happiest person because I have a great mother like that This love they shared was strictly forbidden, since Russia and Germany were not on good terms.

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Had they gotten caught there would have been serious repercussions. I wouldn't even exist and would lack the ability to tell you this story. Nevertheless, they were married and raised three children together in Germany. When my mother was 20 years old when she decided to move to the United States and attend college.

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This is where she met and married my father. My Opa passed away two days before I was born and even though I never got to meet him, I am proud to be his granddaughter. When I was approximately six weeks old my mother flew back to the states and reunited with my father. I was raised in the swampy state of Louisiana until my 14th birthday. My present was a one-way ticket to Neufarhn, Germany where I was to meet and live with my Oma. It was over the next 3. In the photo was Adolf Hitler, Dr. Josef Mengele and various Nazi Generals, laughing and smiling while eating dinner in our family restaurant, which is still in business.

They were seated at a large round table with a miniature