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When a man is faced with the possibility of having a relationship with a desirable woman all thought and reason is meaningless. The letter was written in a manner that makes it easy for Malvolio to ignore the obvious fact that Twelfth Night is a comedy written by William Shakespeare.

The play starts off with a ship that that was shipwrecked just off the coast of Illyria, and the two main protagonists, Viola and Sebastian are separated and both believe each other to be dead. They both end up in different places and only when, at they end of the play, do they find out that they are both alive. Viola, when she arrives in Illyria just after Twelfth Night is a play written by William Shakespeare to be performed on stage. It was written at around and about half way through Shakespeare's career as a playwright. The first recorded production was given at the Hall of the Inner Temple, London in The play is known has 'Twelfth Night' because it was originally performed on the twelfth night of Christmas.

The play was not officially named, but has a subtitle of 'Or What you Will' meaning whatever you want to call it.

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The play has many of the elements common to Elizabethan romantic comedy, including the Throughout "Twelfth Night" there is much foolery, fantasy and mistaken identity. These incidents have made the play more fun, interesting and surprising and have certainly given the play a few twists. Olivia and Viola-Cesario I, v The first and most important case of mistaken identity in my opinion, began in Act 1, scene 5, in Olivia's household. Viola-Cesario was sent by Orsino to try and "woo" Olivia for him but Viola, in love with Orsino herself, knew that she would not want to do this: "I'll do my best to woo your lady.

Whoe'er I In the Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, the function of Feste the clown appears inconsequential, but in actuality his role has immense significance in the overall educational development of the other characters. During the seasonal holiday revelry in which this play takes place, the clown is used as an independent observer that exploits the asinine actions and the faults of the other characters. They place a letter for him to read pretending to be Maria. Malvolio instantly falls for this and does all of the ridiculous things in the letter such as wearing cross gartered yellow stockings.

This scene has the main characters of the group; Maria, Fabian and Sir Toby while Sir Andrew is silenced at every comment he makes this builds up the personalities and helps with the powerfulness of William shakespeare, a famous poet and playright, has written many sonnets and poems in his time. One of his most famous plays was the 'Twelfth Night'; a romantic comedy written during the Elizabethan era; where women stayed at home, being the ideal 'mother' of the house, not having a real voice compared to the men.

Shakespeare uses various methods, to create sympathy and empathy for the characters in Twelfth Night like, Viola Cesario ,Lady Olivia, and Malvolio.

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Shakespeare creates sympathy for Lady Olivia, as we see that her brother dies. This is shown in Act1 scence1 when valentine is informing Duke Act 2 Scene 5 of 'Twelfth Night' by William Shakespeare is the scene in which Maria, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian lay the foundation of their revenge by leaving a letter for Malvolio supposedly written by Olivia saying that she loves him.

The scene is made dramatic in various ways. First of all, prior to Act 2 Scene 5, the audience already dislike Malvolio. This is because he feels he can talk down to Sir Toby who is socially his superior: "my masters are you mad? Or what are you? Have you no wit, manners, nor honesty, but to In Twelfth Night William Shakespeare uses many forms of deception on Malvolio and the other characters for humour purposes.

Malvolio’s Identity In the play Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare Essay

The deception devices used are mistaken identity, cross dressing, disguise, forged handwriting, self deception, word play and dramatic irony. Malvolio's character is deceived by forged handwriting, disguise, word play and self deception. The devices used to create humour in this play are word play which is used to confuse characters is, mistaken identity this uses dramatic irony to also entertain the audience as they know that for example Viola is a girl yet Olivia thinks otherwise. Cross dressing is humorous also Hi there, would you like to get such an essay?

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Master's or higher degree. Over 30 successfully finished orders. The characters Viola and Antonio express true and selfless love in Twelfth Night. In the love triangle between Viola, Orsino and Olivia, Viola is the only character who is truly in love. She loves Orsino and wants to send the message across to him but realises she has to suffer for the consequences of being in disguise as a man.

Was this not love?

Twelfth Night Essay

This indicates that Antonio is in love with Sebastian which brings a little humour into the play as well as the aspect of homosexuality. It is therefore clear that Shakespeare demonstrates self-indulging love and true love in order to exhibit the many facets of love. Also, another major theme Shakespeare explores in Twelfth Night is deception which often causes emotional sufferings and unexpected events, situations or effects.

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  6. Shakespeare demonstrates his thoughts and ideas on deception through language techniques such as the characterisation, motifs and oliloquies. Deception that is tragic is a serious and unwanted deceit or trickery by others. An example of tragic deception includes the disguise of the love triangle between Olivia, Viola and Orsino. While Viola is disguised as Cesario she realises that Olivia has fallen in love with her while she has fallen in love with Orsino, who is in love with Olivia.

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    Also, deception that is in jest is the act of deceiving or tricking another in a humourous or mocking way which is the kind of deception that is delved out to Malvolio. He also uses deception that is in jest to create dramatic irony in the play which is created in the play when Malvolio is tricked to dress up in crossed garters and yellow stocking and act absurdly in order to please Olivia Act III Scene IV. Further, mistaken identity is the state of being mistaken for someone else because of the appearance similarity which can cause disasters such as a tangled situation.

    Mistaken identities are seen in the events that unfold such as when Viola is mistaken as Sebastian while Sebastian is mistaken as Viola. This is why deception is unwanted and is often thought as a negative aspect of relationships between loved ones. Thus, themes are shaped by the characters, the relationship between them and the events that surround the characters. This is clearly demonstrated in Twelfth Night through mistaken identities, disguise, true love and self-indulging love.

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