Uncw creative writing major requirements

Late applications will not be accepted. Completion of at least 24 hours of college credits. See instructions.

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They then must complete the full sequence of courses in the genre of application: writing workshops at the level, level, and level. After completion of those courses, students take CRW Senior Seminar in the final semester, and they write a thesis in the genre in which they applied and were admitted to the major.

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Students may not take the level workshop and CRW in the same semester. University College. Academic Programs.

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BFA Degree Requirements

Print-Friendly Page. Computer Requirement: To satisfy the computer requirement for the B. Oral Communication Requirement: To satisfy the oral communication requirement for the B. Applied Learning Requirement: To satisfy the applied learning requirement for the B.

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Requirements for a Major in Creative Writing for the B. Degree: 63 hours with a minimum of 45 hours of courses in the Department of Creative Writing:. Otherwise, a passing grade suffices.

CRW - Editing for Publication. CRW majors must also complete 18 hours of literature, as follows: Upper level requirement - 12 hours of literature course work at the level or higher, selected from these requirements:. Total: 63 hours.

Additional Information: At least 12 hours of literature course work must be at the level of or above. Back to Top Print-Friendly Page.

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