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It has also recently invested in a tidal electricity generation project Nova Energy, Russell's position within the business is one of the top tiers of management within the company, he is a part of a team of five other managers and then he himself manages another management team of six, that run the Retail and Operations sector of Nova Energy.

Findings Great responsibilities come with the role of National Retail Fields Operations Manager, it requires skills such as communication and leadership to move through day to day tasks Strong Essays words 4. Due to my past leaders and experience, I have grown into a primarily transformational leader with good communication skills.

I have found a lot of success at influencing my Airmen and peers by earning their trust It is always important to know whom to trust employees etc. In the case study the manager lacked many managerial skills, some of which were leadership, good communication skills, and motivation. What is motivation. What is good communications skills.


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What is good leadership. Motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something Mariam Webster, Some examples are one-to-one, small group, full staff, email, social media and listening to them so you can give them advice which will take them to success and help them develop their skill. For example like if you have a stall, you will need to have good communication skills as one person with look after the money and the other will sell them Managers have to fully understand the four major management functions in order to be make the workplace more pleasant This help build confidence and enthusiasm with team members.

Leasers must be able to sell the vision and develop a global mindset while keeping everyone onboard. This involves a great deal of transparency. People want to know where they are going and the most important skill is the ability to communicate this. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal and they have different requirements. It is also essential for leaders to have multiple motivational techniques and accept social responsibility with respect to the communities, clients, and stakeholders that they serve. Global leadership demands leaders to employ a special set of skills to uphold the respect of the diversity of a multifaceted workplace.

Understanding leadership structures and processes is a major factor in team success. If the team is not satisfied they will not be motivated and the team will struggle for success. Leadership can come from many sources that can be internal or external. Internal leadership can be project managers and team leaders, and external can be sponsors and coaches.

Leadership functions are the beginning of team success Thorseen, This begins with composing a team in the transition phase.

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The members of the team must be aligned with the tasks that needs to be accomplished. Next the mission must be defined and communicated exactly what needs to be accomplished. The team must know their initial purpose. This is the beginning of team motivation. Next, goals and expectations should be established and roles should be delegated. This function allows team members to fall into roles where they might find comfort and begin a timeline for progression and the team can enter the next structure of planning and coordinating how the tasks will be carried out.

The next phase is training and developing the team in areas that are needed to carry out the needs of the project and fulfil what is expected of the team. The next process in the structure is sensemaking.

This is identifying any factors or events that might be disruptive to the team and interpreting what is the cause and how it is affecting the team. This information will then be communicated to the team in efforts to lessen the impact of what is to be achieved. The next process is to provide feedback. This is important to keeping a project on track and motivating team members based on what they have produced based on the metrics, milestones, and expectations of the project or task Johnson Once these processes have been accomplished, the leader must move the team into the Action Phase where teams are strictly focused on achieved goal directly related to what is to be accomplished.

This entails keeping the team aligned with activities that correlate to what is expected of the team Johnson, The leader then finds ways to challenge the team and motivate them to surpass what is expected. This then leads to performing task that will lead to problems that need to be solved.

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The leader is expected to be able to offer resources to assist the team with information, tools, or personnel that is needed. When a leader reaches this milestone with a team, they can encourage self-management and support the social climate of the team. This is when the leader shows the team that their individual efforts are recognized and the continued motivation of the team to exceed the results of the given tasks. These functions of leadership have been assessed to structure what is needed to enhance the effectiveness of a team Smith, A leader must be willing to employ these functions to be successful.

From composing the team to encouraging self-management or supporting the social climate of the team this is a great approach to understanding the structures and processes needed to be a successful leader. The most essential skill in leadership is communication. This skill allows for the rest of the puzzle pieces to connect and enable the most important aspect of leadership which is teamwork. Teamwork cannot exist without leadership and leadership cannot be successful without teamwork.

The balance between teamwork and leadership must exist in a manner that they draw inspiration from each other.

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Neither can thrive is the other is unmotivated. The leader has the vision of the organization that must be communicated to the team in efforts for the vision to be made into a reality. Leadership is not about power, authority, management, or supervision. Leadership is the action of influencing and empowering others to accomplish tasks and goals beyond the expectation.

Leadership is a role and a mindset that people act on to build, maintain, and motivate relationships. A team is a group of people put together to accomplish a task. Teams might be comprised of individuals of various backgrounds, abilities, cultures, and roles that need leaders to motivate them to achieve common goals that have been set before them Holt, The leader must take on the act of creating the team, communicating the goals of the team, motivating the team and managing conflict amongst the team.

The team should be empowered to solve problems with the objective, make decisions, and communicate effectively with the leader Holt, The Five-Dimensional Leadership Competence Model describe the abilities that well-rounded leaders should possess. These are transformational, transactional, organic, contemporary, and ethical. Transformational leaders are charismatic and influential. They use this to motivate their teams to meet goals and accomplish more than what is expected of them while nurturing healthy relationships.

Transactional leaders deal rewards for performance among team members.

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This helps with the motivation of the team. This leadership style promotes interaction, respect, and strong working relationships amongst team members. Contemporary style leadership focuses on persuasion rather than fear. They communicated difficulties as opportunities for development. Ethical leaders have high integrity and lead based on their social power influences their decisions. Successful leadership involves engaging with team members at all levels. Moreover, good leaders need to learn to improve their skills and knowledge continuously.

That is because employees tend to look upon them whenever they encounter problems. As in any good academic work, you have to have specific examples of success stories in your workplace leadership essay. The case of Apple Company is an example of good leadership. As a result, Apple has been lauded for its different leadership style. The company has entrenched good practices that have been able to transform the company for the better.

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For instance, Tim Cook promoted innovation in the workplace Lashinsky, Every employee was demanded to innovate, which resulted in numerous changes in the workplace. As a result, his leadership style promoted the inclusion of all the staff. However, the creative vision challenged the employees to work efficiently to make the vision of the company. Noteworthy, Steve Jobs spent over 12 years cultivating good interrelationship skills with subordinate employees. In retrospect, the strategy contributed to the effectiveness of achieving the goals of the company.

Daniels et al. Hence, they overcame the economic challenge. Thus, Apple emerged as the best phone company. Additionally, it is usually important to include fail narratives in your workplace leadership essay to highlight what problems people might face. Apart from good leadership, there are also cases of bad leadership in workplaces. Bad practices in the workplace can range from misconduct to violation of policies Joseph, These practices usually have adverse effects on the employees and the organization as a whole.

Poor leadership entails poor communication skills, not engaging employees, not setting realistic goals, and lack of resourcefulness. Finally, it is significant to connect theory to real-life situations while in workplace leadership essay it would require the one to explain how to improve the cooperation among teams. Romero, a Fastard Shipping employee, emailed the HR expressing the unfair treatment by the captain while on the ship Tredwell, The company dealt with the letter the way they knew best since they did not think it was formal.

Therefore, it was legally binding to the company, and they were found to have breached the contract. Therefore, it is essential to adopt good leadership skills in the workplace.