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Continuity is an important aspect of patient care. Relatively little is known about the differing perceptions of patients and surgeons relating to continuity of care in an elective general surgical setting.

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A study was undertaken to identify whether patients would accept a longer waiting time in order to be operating on by a surgeon who had previously assessed them in outpatient clinic…….. This study aims to investigate the perception of different types of doctor, by the medical student community. This article contains a high-resolution lateral and anterior-posterior left wrist radiograph of a female vasculopath. The patient has multiple risk factors that accelerate the formation of vascular calcifications…… Read more. The study aimed to analyse the outcomes of treatment decisions of patients with a positive histopathological diagnosis of complex atypical hyperplasia CAH of the endometrium, and to assess a novel biopsy capture, MyoSure procedure, for diagnosing CAH confined to a polyp…… Read more.

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